Augusta Precious Metals Review!

Augusta Precious Metals Review!

Founded in 2012, Augusta Precious Metals is among the leading companies in the precious metals industry! With the help of physical gold and silver in retirement portfolios, it has been educating and empowering the retirement community. It is committed to utmost transparency and simplicity.

Augusta gives lifetime customer assistance rather than just a transaction, unlike most precious metal firms. It has specialized sections, personal agents for each customer, and a simple gold IRA process.

It partnered with the Royal Canadian Mint to create purer and more affordable coins than those from other mints. Its advantage is that it simplifies purchasing IRA-approved precious metals in a real gold IRA.

Services Delivered

While Augusta’s offerings are centered on precious metals, they’re essentially investment assets.

What services does this firm provide? Augusta specializes in assisting consumers in diversifying their portfolios to safeguard their savings.

Gold IRA: This tax-advantaged retirement venture vehicle is approved by the Internal Revenue Service. It’s a “self-managed” investment that lets you control your assets and benefit from gold and silver’s unique advantages. It carries the same benefits and restrictions as any IRA.

Among the company’s specialized goods are the following:

It requires a custodian and secure storage. Augusta provides physical gold and silver for this form of IRA and services that assist you in learning about precious metals and opening your account, along with interacting with the storage facility and custodian.

Silver Individual Retirement Account (IRA): This is similar to a gold IRA, except it incorporates silver.

Gold and silver currency accounts (not included in an IRA): This type of account enables customers to buy coins and keep them wherever they like as the coins’ value increases.

Physical gold and silver coin storage: While Augusta sells silver and gold coins, they also partner with secure coin storage facilities.

Services of a custodian are required for a silver or gold IRA, and Augusta has ties with various custodians. Unlike certain gold IRA firms, Augusta continues working with you after acquiring the gold and silver to help you interact with your custodian.

Multi-team effort: Lastly, Augusta employs a multi-team approach. Everyone at Augusta is there to help you learn about the IRAs, open an account, and keep you informed.

Acquiring gold and silver is pretty complicated, and Augusta is ready to help you balance your retirement funds with gold and silver.

Augusta Precious Metals Review

Augusta sticks out as a group of talented individuals who genuinely assist consumers. While non-IRA gold and silver are available, the firm specializes in Gold IRAs. This contrasts with other gold companies, which offer metals IRAs as their other products.

This specialization manifests in the free resources, an optimized and straightforward process, reasonable prices for its most popular products, and consumer loyalty. Many positive customer reviews and excellent ratings on well-known rating sites show this company values its customers.


Simplified services and setup

High transparency and integrity

Because salespeople are not compensated, they are only focused on you.

Customer support & loyalty for life

Free comprehensive instructional materials

Endorsement by a reputable corporate ambassador Montana Joe


No internet set-up

$50,000 required as a minimum deposit

Opening an Augusta Precious Metal Gold IRA

This IRA is opened in three simple steps by a skilled expert. Augusta’s representatives help customers choose IRS-approved gold coin and one-ounce silver coins made by the US Treasury Department for their gold IRAs.

Open an IRA. Because Augusta has some of the most respected and reliable gold IRA custodians in the business, customers get preferential pricing.

Fund your account. It allows ira investment, other retirement accounts or 401k rollover.

Purchase silver or gold coin. Select precious metals for your IRA. Augusta securely transports your silver or gold to the Delaware Depository or any other secure facility in one of several US cities.

Dealing with Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta’s 7-Day Price Protection Program locks in premium metal prices as soon as you place your order via phone. However, once they get your cash, the price of gold is fixed. Augusta often offers bulk discounts on large bullion orders.

Also, the company can give you up to $2,000 silver for opening a gold IRA or making another purchase with them. Premium gold and silver buyers have a seven-day right to cancel their orders. All subsequent purchases and bullion requests are final once confirmed.

Augusta Precious Metals Provides Secure Storage

When you open a Precious Metals IRA, you’re not permitted to personally keep the coins and bars in your account. Precious metals must be held in an IRS-approved facility. Augusta Precious Metals maintains storage accounts with several IRS-approved depositories located throughout the country.

These include the following.

Bridgewater, Massachusetts

Jackson, Ohio

Las Vegas, Nevada

Los Angeles, California

Nampa, Idaho

New Castle, Delaware

New York, New York

Salt Lake City, Utah

South Fargo, North Dakota

Wilmington, Delaware

When you open an IRA with Augusta Precious Metals, they’ll handle all necessary paperwork and transport everything to the storage facility. You may rest assured that they’ll securely transport your precious metals to a facility equipped with cutting-edge security.

Augusta has a higher minimum than most gold IRA businesses — $50,000. The only downside is that it’s just a pitfall for investors who don’t have that much. Nevertheless, it’s not an issue for many retirement savers because they have this much or more.

Augusta Precious Metals Fees

Augusta is quite open about their fees. For precious metal IRAs, the custodian charge is $80 and the depository storage fee is $100. Unlike other custodians, Augusta does not charge additional management fees because you are effectively managing your own account.

The price you pay Augusta for gold and silver metal is based on the “spot price,” which is Augusta’s current cost plus around 5%.

In addition, Augusta’s compliance department guarantees you fully know what you’re paying for what. The order department will take the time to explain the most popular gold and silver options and help you build an ira investment.

Augusta Precious Metals Reputation

Augusta Precious Metals is the only firm with zero grievances with the BBB and BCA since its inception in 2012 – and the only company with agents who do not earn compensation. That implies they do not need to employ scare tactics and theatrics—unfortunately, common in this industry.

Augusta is also the number one educator in the field, besides selling gold and silver at the best prices in the business. Moreover, they have a solid track record for openness, vital for retirement investors. Furthermore, unlike other companies, they assist even after your first transaction has been completed.

They take great care to assist everyone they encounter in building their silver and gold portfolios and protecting their wealth—particularly retirement funds. They allow 401k rollover; and so, you can rollover your plan, cash it out, maintain it or merge it with a different one if you change jobs.

They feel that your primary aim is their primary goal. This purpose is to assist you and your family build a stable financial future. Augusta openly declares that they’re here to help you quickly add gold and silver to your holdings to make that more accessible than ever.

Augusta Precious Metal FAQ

What is the Augusta Precious Metals IRA’s BBB rating?

It has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Also, it has a 4.5-star rating. As you are probably aware, earning a perfect 5-star rating is nearly impossible in today’s competitive environment. Even so, 4.5 is incredible.

Is Augusta Precious Metals Limited to silver and gold?

Augusta Precious Metals currently offers only silver and gold IRAs. Gold and silver IRAs offer a high degree of customization. Silver IRAs can be financed with coins or even bullion. Therefore, ensure that you conduct due diligence beforehand.

Is Augusta Precious Metals transparent about its pricing, shipping, and return policies?

The transaction agreement is fairly detailed and can be explained by an agent. It was named the “Most Transparent Company in the United States” by one of the industry’s most reputable consumer advocacy organizations.

Can I cash out my precious metals IRA?

Augusta will assist you in withdrawing your metals. You can withdraw entire or partial funds at any time through your custodian. Although you own your accounts, IRA regulations apply, so early withdrawals may result in penalties.

Can I track my IRAs?

You may always monitor the status of your IRA online through your custodial account console, and the custodian will give you quarterly statements showing the profitability of your account over time.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking to start investing in silver and gold or open a Precious Metals IRA choose Augusta Precious Metals. This well-known organization cherishes its customers’ time and ambitions. It is eager to assist you in opening a self-directed IRA or answering your precious metals investment inquiries; check their site to discover more.

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