Goldco Review

Goldco Review

Are you looking to make a financial investment that will be safe when the financial market comes crashing down? Well, you need to know that Goldco is one of the precious metals companies that may be worth your time and money.

This precious metal firm in Woodland California founded in 2006 by Trevor Gerszrt. The founder established the firm with the intent of providing self-direct precious metal Individual Retirement Accounts funded by silver, platinum, palladium, instead of the traditional methods of investments. The enactment of the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 made this investment option possible.

Despite being precious stones broker, Goldco has also partnered with ira custodian companies and customers to provide roll-over services and create new accounts. Prospective clients capitalize with the company to offer an attractive option for those who feel that the stock and bond markets have too much volatility. Metal individual accounts are also attractive as they are tangible investment options.

Apart from offering brokerage services, the firm also buys back or sells the precious metals when a customer begins distribution, the company assists in setting up clients with a recommended vendor as it does not offer storage or custodian services.

At Goldco you have the option of investing in markets that are not affected by fluctuations of the dollar and market crashes. This is a company that you need to consider especially if you are settling up for a near retirement.

Read more to get the necessary information that you need to make sound decision regarding your investment.


In our research, we set out to identify the features that set the financial company apart from its competitors. We discovered the following:

• The company has specialists in every aspect of its business. As such, their services cannot be compared to the rest of their competitors.

• Goldco offers white-glove services for their Individual Retirement Account. This implies that customers who choose to invest with the company get other additional services. Some of these other services include expert assistance from the start to the end, the chance to work with experienced and knowledgeable representatives, and strategic relationships with experienced and reliable custodians.

• Goldco has the best ratings in the industry compared to any other. This is an aspect that is difficult to maintain when you’ve been in business for a long time. We, therefore, applaud Goldco since it has been in operation for 14 years.

• They have knowledgeable staff that will help you decide on the best metals to include on your retirement account by evaluating your circumstance. Hence, one has the chance to create a portfolio that is in line with their needs, goals, and capital.

• They have competitive prices.

• The company has a dedicated department for their Buy Back program. These programs allow their clients to liquidate their metals in a streamlined process with very competitive prices.

• Offer extensive educational resources for their customers.

Goldco’s Self-Directed Individual Accounts

This is a traditional type that allows an investor to save for retirement on a tax-advantaged basis. By choosing this investment option, individuals have the opportunity of holding precious metals such as

gold or silver as their investments. At Goldco, those are the two main self-directed investment options.

Benefits of Choosing Self-Directed Accounts

• They provide the best way for you to diversify your portfolio and protect your overall wealth.

• They offer stability as they are not affected by market changes and crashes.

• The metals have value and cannot be compared to other types of investments.

• The metals can easily be liquidated when the investor is ready to sell them.


Goldco deals with Precious Metals IRAs. The company assists customers to purchase IRS-approved coins and billions that are included in their Precious Metals.

The following is a list of individual retirement accounts offered at Goldco:

• Gold – Offers clients information on the procedure of opening this investment layout and the metals they can capitalize in. The company has the largest collection of bars that come in different sizes.

• Silver – Goldco provides its clients with tips for getting started this investment plan and the best coins to capitalize in. Silver type is a good option for clients looking for affordable options to diversify their portfolio.

• 401K Rollover – When you choose Goldco as your investment partner, you have the opportunity to roll over your traditional or other types of IRA into any of the two main Precious Metal Accounts.

• Simple Planning – Goldco offers explanations on the opening the accounts and the rules that work for the precious metals.

• Traditional and Roth Individual Accounts Planning – The Company has resources and a good knowledge base that can help you compare Roth and Traditional plans to get them rolled over to Precious Metals saving platform.

• SEP Individual Retirement Account Planning – As a client you can get clarification on the functioning of these accounts. Such information includes contribution limits and eligibility requirements.

Transferring and Rolling Over Individual Retirement Accounts

A 401K Individual Retirement Account roll-over refers to the process of transferring funds from one’s retirement account into a traditional or Roth account. This process is accomplished when the account’s custodian writes a check that is deposited into the roll-over account. This is usually done through direct transfers.

Direct roll-over occurs when funds are transferred from a retirement account directly into an Individual Retirement Account. They can also occur when an account holder changes their retirement account or get better investment options. Self-directed retirement account is considered one of the best investment options.

Rolling over is beneficial to investors as it allows them to gain the value of the precious metals at a much lower rate. Moreover, funds in these precious metals are less susceptible to government seizure as compared to other accounts. It is also a profitable venture as the precious metals offer protection against the devaluation of the dollar.

However, there are certain aspects that one needs to be careful of when setting up a new self-directed account. As an investor, be sure to read and understand their rules, guidelines, and penalties. Some of the important aspects to consider include taxes and contribution limits.

We guess that you now have a clear understanding of the basic roll-over process.


Goldco has kept the information regarding their fees and costs private as it is not listed on the company’s website. However, upon inquiry one of its representatives informed us that the minimum purchase is set at $25000. With an investment of $25,000, an investor has to pay an annual fee of $175 and a storage fee that is paid up front.

When you choose to invest with Goldco, you are constantly updated on the market prices of the trading metal. This is because the prices fluctuate daily, an aspect that is attributed to gold mining, instability in the central bank reserves, inflation, interest rates among others.


i. Hands-off Investment.

At Goldco, clients get to capitalize their money and allow it to accumulate without actively managing it. There is no guesswork when it comes to these accounts as each one of them has an administrator who provides the owner with a catalog of available bars and coins. As such, you get to choose what you like to purchase.

ii. Legitimate Investment

Goldco has a solid reputation with strong online support across various review platforms. The company prides itself when it comes to offering exceptional services and the ability to help its clients diversify their accounts. The Better Business Review gave the company an A+ rating which was based on customers’ reviews.

iii. Low Yearly Fees

Investors only get to pay an annual fee of $175. However, the amount charged depends on the investment level. We consider this quite a reasonable amount.

iv. Best Promotional Deals

Customers who choose to work with Goldco get to receive amazing offers. For instance, you get a10% cash back on the purchase of precious metals worth $100,000 or more.


I. Lack of Transparency

Goldco is not transparent regarding its charges. There is no information on its website regarding the charges imposed on the account holders.

II. High Minimum Deposit

To either open one of the precious metals at Goldco, you will need to have a minimum investment of $25,000. This is way more than that required by the company’s competitors.

III. Does not Offer Additional Metals

Clients looking to increase or diversify their Goldco account portfolio have to make their purchases through the company and it only deals with the two precious metals.

Setting up a Goldco Precious Metal Account

For you to get started on an investment journey with Goldco, you have to first fill an online application retrieved from the company’s official website. Alternatively, you can speak to customer support that will create an account for you. Just like other financial accounts, clients have to provide their identifiable information such as social security numbers.

The company will help account owners who do not have precious metals custodian accounts by matching them with potential custodians from their recommended list. The good thing about Goldco is that you have the opportunity to review your options on the type of metals you want to place on your ira. They ensure that you’re well informed through their comprehensive guide.

Consumer Reviews and Complaints

In our research, we discovered that Goldco investor feedback is largely positive. The company is an accredited business and is so far well ranked by BBB with a rating of 5 stars. Its TrustScore as of October 2020 stood at 4.7 out of 5. Moreover, there are no complaints filed against the company at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

According to investors, the company has had a straightforward process of rolling existing funds into Goldco accounts since its inception in 2006. Such credibility is very rare, especially for financial institutions.

The only complaints the company has received are concerning aggressive sales representatives who push clients to make purchases they are not comfortable with.

Bottom Line

Having a retirement portfolio that contains such kind of investment is sure to set you up for many years of comfortable living. Therefore, decisions regarding such matters should never be taken lightly. Goldco has many years of experience dealing with Precious Metals Retirement Accounts and markets.

With their vast experience, the company is in a good position to guide potential investors through important decisions involving Precious Metals and the best investment options. For customers, the mode of the company’s operations is what makes them stand out amidst their competitors. This includes simplified logistics, the account custodian, and the IRS storage facility.

Despite its reputation, the company has not been forthcoming regarding its prices. Moreover, there have been numerous complaints regarding the aggressive sales representatives. Therefore, it is important for you as an investor to take time and do research to make a purchase that suits your investment strategy and goals.

You can check and review your investment options with multiple providers to better selects the one that suits you best.

For us, setting up your future financial success is very important and we think Goldco is your best option for precious metals. Who doesn’t want long-term investments that have low-risk processes, have value protection, and are profitable? We definitely do.

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